Thursday, May 17, 2012

Start of the 100%

     Today is Thursday and this morning Lilly started using 100% oxygen in the chamber.  Because of the seizure she had about 3 weeks ago, the technicians at the center wanted to start her out slow. We have been in the chamber breathing pressurized air. There are a lot of studies that support this method as well.  This has let her brain get used to the pressure and now we are introducing the concentrated oxygen.  
     She did great adjusting to wearing the hood!

      Therapy is coming along.  In the last 6-9 months as Lilly gained mobility, she began to display some independence, i.e. behavior issues.  An example would be the limp noodle trick when she doesn't want to stop an activity of get out of the car.  Another would be trying to sit down in middle of the parking lot because she doesn't want to walk.  You know, the typical stuff!  So the first couple of days here, Lilly has given her new therapists a run for their money. I have to say yesterday and today were much, much better.

 She starts her day out with hot packs, followed up with massage and joint compressions to wake-up her muscles.  I know, rough, huh?


Then she does some pulley/weight work before moving on to suit therapy.  She gets her gear on and she's off! The suit puts the body into proper alignment, gives body awareness, and provides some resistance for increased strength. She is in therapy for 3 hours.

We have a quick lunch break and then back to the hyperbaric center for another dive. Each dive takes about 1 hour and 15 minutes.

Lilly and I are really enjoying our time with the Kempers.  Harry and Lilly are so cute together!  He is great and treats Lilly like any other 6 year old.  I told Liz that spending so much time with Harry is great therapy for Lilly! This morning in the car, Harry was poking his pirate sword at the "other pirates" saying, "Back! Back!" So Lilly starts saying, "Back!"  It was perfect!! 

This afternoon, we went exploring in Madison.  Found a couple parks off the lake and an area that had boat rentals.  I'll leave you with a picture of what we found.....Good night!

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