Sunday, May 27, 2012

Happy Memorial Day weekend, everyone!  I have shared a lot of pictures and videos on facebook, but haven't sat down to put words to our experience so far.

The schedule of it all wiped us out last week.  By the time we finished our last afternoon dive, there was just enough time to get back to room, eat and get Lilly in bed by 7:30 or 8:00.  To tell you the truth, I've been in bed not too long after her.

Of course the question everyone has is, "Have you noticed anything?"  Yes, I have noticed things.  They are hard to put into words but I will try.  Lilly just seems so much more "with it".  Her eye contact has improved and she is interacting with me more. Just this week, we were in the chamber and I guess I wasn't giving her the attention she wanted.  So she grabbed my face, turned it to her, and said, "Momma."  Cracked me up!

I'll share a video of her singing with me.  This seems to show her adorable personality that is emerging

I also have notice that Lilly is following directions better.  When asked to lay down to change her pants, she complies!

Lilly's walking is getting better and better!  I notice her using the walking more now.  Crawling has always been her main mode of travel but I have caught her a couple times walking into the bathroom to find me when I KNOW she was on the floor when I left the room.

Madison is a really great city with so much to see and do!  We've been to the zoo and made many trips to the University(by accident) and visited many beautiful parks and lakes.  Everything is so eclectic and artsy! There are bike paths on every street and walking is a favored form of transportation. State Street is so cool! Street is lined with shops and restaurants and the street is blocked from traffic, so it is a very relaxed feel. I've learned who "Bucky the Badger" is and to "Jump Around".  I will for sure be returning home with some UW souvenirs!

Had an exciting day yesterday.  Lilly and I drove 2 1/2 hours to Chicago for the Autism One conference.  WOW! If you have a child living with autism, you HAVE to make it there! So, so much information and we were only there for one day! I now have several plans forming in the back of my head for Lilly.  When I told Craig I had found a new therapy for Lilly, I could just imagine the eye rolling that was occurring on the other end!

Well, we have two more weeks here in Madison.  We appreciate all your prayers.  God is so faithful and I am blessed each day with the lessons He teaches me through Lilly.  Happy Memorial Day!!

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