Friday, June 8, 2012


We just finished our last dive!!!! It is always bitter sweet in the end. You don't want the healing to end but you miss home and family so bad you can't stand it. But we have learned so much and are excited to start things once we get home! Lilly's speech and language have flourished and her ability to express what she knows has greatly improved. This video was shot by her speech therapist. I had dropped her off and went to the store. Lilly was asking for me. Listen closely in the beginning as the therapist asks, "Where's Mommy"? Lilly's reply is "Bye". Then the therapist asks her to say, "Where's my mommy?" Lilly whispers her response. I'm so proud of her! Lilly has also started shaking her head for no. And we are getting closer to "all done". Lilly's is more like "allllllll" but we will get the "done" before you know it!

See you all in Missouri!!!!

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